Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Busy Bee!


No.9!!! Good mid-week all. I can't believe it's half way to the weekend already actually... I'm still on last Friday I think! Or at least sometime last week. Lost the plot somewhere when I spent a few of last weeks nights being up into the early hours drafting ideas for future endeavours. Seems like I'm always planning at the moment, but the ideas just keep-a-flowing! It's actually about 1am now and the only reason I'm up so late is because I visited a friend today with the boys and finally got to see the new bachelor pad he's moved into. It's looking really good too, I'm very proud of him for settling in so quickly and making his space so homely despite his short stay! My son decided to "bless" the place by giving it an impromptu stomping for a good few hours lol! He was very excited to see my friend bless him, so much so that he fell asleep as soon as we arrived there... boys! So getting out of the house one one of my rare hermit journeys has put me back a bit today but it was worth it to make sure that I'm not growing into my chair and of course to catch up with good friends :) So better share with you some lovely people that have been nice to me lately!

TREASURIES I am currently in two actually... but the only problem with one of them is tat for some reason my f11 (or12... whichever) seems to have conked out on me, so I can't enlarge it enough to show you have lovely it is :( It is featuring one of the first prints I listed on Etsy when I first started listing my work on there! So that's put me in a good mood. The treasury is lovely and green, full of gorgeous items and called "Romance" by Anycards on Etsy. On the left is one of my fave items from their store. Click on it to visit the item and their store :)

Once again I am the luck recipient of a kind feature from Irinaphotography on Etsy! I'm in the lovely purple treasury that I've managed to grab a screenshot for at the start of this post, although by the time this is up, the treasury will have expired :( So there's no direct link to it I'm afraid! But I have included another beautiful print from her store on the left for you to click and explore. I've also spotted some jewelry in her store today so have a browse if you have the time :)

FEATURES I'm sure most of you are familiar with Timothy Adam? Well I have been very fortunate to be included as part of his writers team on HandmadeSpark, and although it's something I applied for it is obviously up to Tim to make the decision to include my rantings on his new site so I'm very VERY grateful to him for giving me such an opportunity! I have no idea what I love the most out of his store, there are loads of pieces that entice me, as it's very much my kind of style! I've done the whole close the eyes and point thing and the picture on the left is what I'll show off today lol! Check it out by clicking, and if you have the opportunity, go and visit HandmadeSpark to list yourselves on there (traffic people!) and enjoy all the articles from us blogging lot on there :)

I was really pleased to receive another blog award this week, from a very talented jeweler known on Etsy as PearlatPlay... well last week technically (it's not last Friday woman!), called the "Kreative Blog Award" which is lovely and I'm sure if you read my Sunday post you probably know a bit about it. Well it is now in the far right hand column along with my other awards. A quick scroll down will take you to it :) So yes very appreciative of the thought, and just HAD to compliment the lovely jewelry and PHOTOS (OMG!) in this shop of the jewelry. stunning! The cute pinwheel on the left is one of many amazing pieces in her store :) and if you want to see her lovely blog too then just click here :)

Photogrunt on Etsy, a fellow photographer and a darn good one at that was really kind to include me in a blog feature along with loads of other very talented happy snappers :) I always feel special when my work is alongside other's. One of those confirmations that you're doing something right so a BIG thankyou for making my week Photogrunt! And of course here is an example of one of his own pieces. One of many gorgeous visual abstractions from his store. Please take the time to have a browse.

Lastly I want to say thankyou to a fellow BESTeam-er OurHomeToYours for giving a moment of her time to feature me on her blog. I thought it'd be nice to say thankyou even though it's a task we all must do as part of the team yet it's time for everyone and I'm always appreciate of time given on my behalf :) There is a lovely selection of homely goods and crocheted items in her store! I love these wrist cuffs the most, so just give them a click to visit the listing and browse further form there to see what you might find as a favourite!

So That's it I think for this week. I hope I havent left anyone out... if I have I'll pop you into next weeks feature :)


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congratulations : )

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My Life Under the Bus said...

Happy Friday !

Daves Willow Works said...

Great items! I am going to have to have my wife take a look at these. She gets so excited when shopping for handmade stuff!

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