Sunday, 17 January 2010

SUNDAY... Coffee and Cake

Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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Sinuses, Snow and Slipped Stiches Well I think I'll apologise to begin with as my poor blog, Etsy and general internet activity have been on a virtual standstill for over a month now. I have slowly began doing little things like last week as you are aware, Monday Magic is back in action and regarding Etsy, I have popped into the forums a couple of times as well as catching up with my relists (as opposed to them catching up with me!). I honestly thought it was bad when I was running around helping mum and getting consumed by Christmas and I can't believe how hard it hit me, only the week before the big day I had the worst chesty cough imaginable that literally stopped me from doing anything. Bless my other half for doing as much as he could to help me regarding my son. It was bloody awful, each cough threw me into long coughing fits and I won't even go into the amount of tissue boxes I went through lol!!! Funnily enough my best day was Christmas day itself, where to my relief I was able to cook our lovely Christmas meal, as well as enjoy all the fun that the day brought to our household! Then to my dismay, Boxing day I started getting jaw and face pains, couldn't breath most of the time and generally looked like the living dead. Diagnosis... sinusitis! I still have it mildly now!!! but back then I was lucky if I could make it to the bathroom without writhing all the way there... I have never had any sort of winter bug like this. So as you can guess that is why my usual Etsy and Blog activity had to stop!
The past 2 weeks I have been able to get on with things again, so my priorities have been housework and knitting... knitting because in the days where I could barely move, it was the one thing I wanted to do the most, that I couldn't!!!! LOL! So I'm getting that out of my system to treat myself! so far I have made 2 hats and about to start a beautiful blanket for our new baby girl who is now in her 24th week residing in my tummy :) Not long now before she's here!
Another joy recently has been able to make the most of the crazy weather we've been getting in the UK. Around Christmas time when we had a bit of snow, but I was unable to get out and be a happy snapper being so unwell :( So the past couple of weeks have been wonderful, and besides working on some gorgeous new prints I have been able to have the best snow wars with my little boy and other half! Well worth the wait if you ask me! When you're not able to do much for yourself for weeks at a time, things like heavy snow, despite how much everyone around you seems to hate it is a real special thing to enjoy!
Anyways! Here is to health, knitting and some blooming independance! Hurrah!

moonangelnay x


Mountaindreamers said...

Hope you feel 100% soon . Enjoyed browsing thru your shop.

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