Thursday, 6 August 2009

Twitch Twitch...

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Twitch Twitch...

Let's just start with a short summary... ARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHH!


Seriously, you have never known anything more annoying than an unexplained twitch in your eyelid, when it comes to abnormal bodily functions that is. Some would call me extreme but there have been occassions over the past couple of days where my level of irritation has literally made me want to tear it off! Not the best of looks, and probably the one reason that's stopped me from testing temptation... LOL. Ok I wouldn't disfigure my face, EVER, but I have found it practically impossible to focus on anything BUT my eyelid twitching away like there's no tomorrow.

Now, the internet being such a fabulous place for random information, had plenty on the subject of this burden I have been blessed with *waves fist at universe*, however in terms of solutions it seems I'm doomed! It gave it some interesting names like myokymia or (i like this one) Blepharospasm, which both simply translate as "eye twitch". To me those just sound like an excuse for people to go around giving fancy names to make it sound harrowing for something that's apparently as common as a cup of tea. Like you really want to appear like you're diseased??? I guess it's one for hypochondriacs, but I'm someone who likes to avoid that illness lark as I hate having it plague me to the point of it distracting my life! I don't do pats on the heads I just like to get on, so to find that SLEEP and NO CAFFINE (and botox??? LOL) may help my problem I was like... ok... I'll make an effort, which I have! But to no avail. Then I found out that it can go on for weeks... or even worse, can have UNKNOWN causes...

So using initiative I've thought to myself, "AAAAH! I shall beat it at it's game and stick needles in the bugger, where's my nearest acupuncture therapist!?", but then remembered the fact that this is my EYE, and as much as needles have helped the other half's eye recently, I don't know if I want a person, even with qualifications seeping out of their ears to stick needles in my eyelid. The idea makes me shudder. My only other option is to wait for it to go away on it's own... dum de dum... twitch... twitch.

I have tried desperate measures at home. Like wearing an eye patch. YAR! My son keeps calling me Captain DJ, although I doubt I look as cool and found that it's tamed it slightly. Probably as my eye is forced shut, but it's making it hella difficult to do anything now. It's almost as if my hearing on one side is amplified on top of the temporary blindness which has left me more accident prone than my son in his early walking days. At least it's entertaining!

Anyway I've managed to get some bits done this week. I'm featured in an Artist Exposed treasury by Vicki Diane which rocks! Found out just today that I'm in another treasury actually! So that's cheered me up. I have my own treasury R a w . E l e c t r i c going, plus new updates in store. I'm looking for next weeks Monday Magic treasury features! Send me your green grass related items and I may just pop you in it! (Under 20 sales only please!) Other than that I'm excited about introducing my first Friday Finds interview tomorrow. Who do I have lined up? Wait and see :)

moonangelnay xxx


Kat said...

I had an eye twitch once that lasted three weeks…. I asked a nurse friend of mine, because it was very quickly starting to drive me insane (literally) and she said it’s a B-vitamin deficiency! Eat a big red steak, STAT! :D (And doing that cured mine within hours!)

Musical Kitten

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