Friday, 24 July 2009

My New Lover!

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Before anyone jumps the gun, no I don't mean a real live human lover of that kind. I'm a very good person! No, I today have aquired a new printer.... and OMG... I can't wait to set it up. Nope, I havent set it up yet, as unfortunately its nearing midnight and I'm not quite certain yet of how noisy it's gonna be. If it's anything like the other halfs printer I may have to dig into my handbag for my earplugs. (Yes I carry ear plugs in my handbag... what? LOL!)

Not only that but I'm a sleepy head so thought I would blog first... maybe check Etsy again... and my treasury... possibly recheck my emails. Well yeah at this rate it'll be tomorrow before I'm in bed so you get the picture :) But yeah OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm excited. For a coupla reasons besides being a complete geek. The big one is that I should be able to offer prints up to 8x12 in size for less international postage and the 10-28 day wait would be slashed to 5-7 days. I normally use a professional photo lab to print my work as it's of the UTMOST importance for my prints to be of the best quality and for longevity that they are printed properly. Well... my sparkly shiney new printer has just that capability now including the guarantee (this comes from the manufacturer not me) that the prints will last for 100 years stored in an album whilst retaining it's amazing quality and crispness. This is a process that I have been longing to be able to control myself as I'm not entirely comfortable with the million year wait for my prints to get done (even if it is well... most of the time), as well as not knowing what will arrive in my hands before I send them on to customers. Someone needs to tell the lab techs to check these photos before sending to omit errors which is why I proof my prints before sending them (hense the possible 28 day wait. which so far has never happened but I have had to complain for botched prints before!). Now at least for my most popular sizes I can have 100% control of your prints and my sanity :) So this is great for me, and the quality will be extreme! I only wish I could have afforded the larger one but that is my goal. Baby steps.

Now... I didnt write about it yesterday but I will today. I earned a blog award a couple of days ago from worthburning! I'm super chuffed about it although it has meant that I am now obligated to pass it on to 15 or so other amazing blogs (not incinuating that mine is amazing!). That portion of paying it forward I think may have a delay but I am pleased that I can pin it on the right of the blog somewhere and know that someone somewhere in the world actually thinks that I'm not insane! Or maybe they do that that's the point LOL!

Anyway! Gotta run, tomorrow I want to talk about what I planned to today, but you know, kids, then late nights, stroking printers, the usual :)

Moonangelnay xxx


Siddiqa said...

Congratulations on your award!

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