Friday, 10 June 2011

The Scented World of Ancientoils

Hi all! Today I am blushing and can't seem to stop! Please mosey on over to our BESTeam leaders blog to read the wonderful feature she has written for my shop! I absolutely love it!

Now for today I have been introduced to the scented world of Lilly DelValle of Ancientoils!

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Lilly has a very interesting background behind the work that she does in her store. Having a degree in metaphysics, and having practiced spirtual healing are part of her impressive itinery for which she also holds certifications of Holistic Healing! Through visiting her store and browsing it isn't hard to see the influence of her work and study in all of her bath salts, mud masks, essential oils, forumlas and other wonderful listings to promote balance of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It's a wonderful thing to be able to involve such knowledge into items we would use each day to aid our states of mind and being, and are very important for without balance we cannot focus, perform or be at our best. My mom has studied crystal healing and the both of us have achieved Reiki 2, so her items are something that I also have a great appreciation for and would enjoy as the perfect relaxation or medicinal healing gift knowing that great knowledge and experience are incorporated into each blend.
From her knowledge of aromatherapy you are able to look into each of her listings and gain new insights into the purpose of each blend, and directions for use including the ingredients individually which she explains very well, and find what is right for you with ease :) Be it anew oil for you oil burner, one of Lilly's gorgeous sounding Nail Formula's or some beautiful bath salts for a well earned soak at the end of a long day you'll find plenty of choice at Ancientoils!
For more wonderful gift ideas, check out Lilly's store!


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