Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Something Different


No.21 Here are some of my favourite handmade items, from the kind artists that have featured some of my work in the past 2 weeks. Im a bit behind after the PC rashed so this is going to be brimming with wonderful handmade goods.

My favorite treasury! 'One Touch Of Nature' by 'ozetta'


Item - Glass Tile Pendant - Abstract Acrylic Painting
Etsy seller - watercolorsNmore Watercolor Paintings, Prints and Jewelry
Treasury East - Victorian and Elegance Medley

Item - The Hooded Newtok - Barley
Etsy seller - ozetta Spool Dollies
Treasury East - one touch of Nature

Thanks again for the features everyone :)

moonangelnay x


Katrinshine said...

Beautiful choice!
Thank you for your comment!

Mel_Cole said...

I am jealous of your diligence in art and crafty stuff. Me too, I'm making a separate blog for my art stuff in Etsy so I will be diligent like you. lols. BTW, here's my 4th blog: (shall we exchange links?) and thank you for making it again to my site's 1st EC dropper for the month of July. Got your badge to feature your blog at my RSB. Hope to get to know you. Thanks!

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