Sunday, 31 July 2011

Flowers Hair Pins by Floresdelsur

Flowers for forever! check out the awesome work of Floresdelsur!

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Some of you may know that I'm getting married next year, and something that has been taking up my time this week has been lots of searching on Etsy for someone that makes beautiful handmade and long lasting flowers as it is my wish to have a 50s style, handmade wedding (and the thought of all my flowers and bouquet dying eventually is horrifying lol!). So to my delight I get to feature the beautiful work of Marisa Kraiselburd from floresdelsur in Montevideo Uruguay, whom makes lovely flower accessories made from a selection of fabrics. They are extremely versatile, suiting both special occasions and casual wear and as the colors are so bright, and some of the designs are very modern/abstract, I feel that they would appeal to a broad age range too. I can imagine that her geometric, abstract looking flowers influence probably come from her experience as a graphic designer, yet crafting in general is something she has enjoyed doing since she was a child, and she has a passion for all types of craft. She also has a jewelry shop with a small selection of beaded jewelry and also where she sells beading tutorials and some supplies that I'm sure you'd love to visit too!
Back to her lovely hairpins, I have to say my favourites are the large poppy style beaded and fabric flowers. I love things that make a statement and these surely do!
If you are able to stop by, take a moment to visit her blog, facebook page and twitter too :)

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Unknown said...

Naomi, THANK YOU for this wonderful feature!!!
And congratulations for your coming marriage!!

Anonymous said...

Nice hear pins, how did you make them?!

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BuyWoWAccounts said...

Congratulations and best wishes to you! The flowers that you posted will surely fit on your wedding motif.

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AdventuresFrugalMom said...

new follower would love a follow back

Clipping Path Service said...

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