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Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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Musing... I seem to have hat ideas coming from all angles currently. It's very exciting and motivating to always be thinking about creating things, and even better when I get a moment to execute the new ideas and expand on others! My inspiration this week has mostly been for Babamoon, and so far I have had three new hats come out of it. One I am still picking and choosing images for so I'll probably launch that one next week, but I have the other two here to show today :) One is the familiar Flopsy Bunny Hat in Pink! Nothing spectacularly new, but I don't have any images of my other colors for the single colored hat, other than the Rainbow spray color available in my shop. I thought it'd be nice to have something in there for Valentines Day so baby pink was the choice :)

My other new hat as you can guess is a little smart number for boys! My newest newsboy cap! I've been meaning to do more boys hats and newsboy caps so I figured that I'd better get on with it. Ages ago I went a bit mad at my local yarn store buying loads of sale yarns and chose the one picured above out of my stash to make this one with. The only problem is the yarn is a discontinued line so even though I am able to obtain the yarn for the hat still, some time soon I won't be able to so it has become my first limted edition hat! Very excited about it. It's brought a whole new dynamic to my yarn hunting lol! So far it looks like I can make a fair few of them, but due to the limitations I am only making sizes up to 2T as i think with the yarn now being so rare it's best this way. Best grab one whilst I have the yarn!

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Art of RetroCollage said...

Cute hats! How long does it take for you to create them?

Andy McLain said...

Congrats!!! Your site has been picked to be among those featured on my newest video posted on

Linda E. Pruitt said...

Cute hats! Isn't inspiration fun!

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