Sunday, 5 December 2010

Short and Sweet!

Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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Just for today... I am gonna have to have that love ya and leave ya mentality relating to this post. I have LOADS of hat orders to get through for Christmas which is a really nice feeling as I don't think I've been this busy before with either of my stores. Since Black Friday things have just continued to pick up and it's bloomin' marvelous! Besides a bit of sleep deprivation I feel really good about what's happening and praying that it's not just because of the holidays, but because i spent over a day last week changing every single listing and tag in my shop to improve it's internet SEO. And by golly if double my usual shop views have anything to do with it then I need to continue nurturing what's currently going on! So until next Sunday my dears!

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Silvergirl said...

hahaha!! I like the pic :P he is annoying me lol :p hahaha very cute

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