Sunday, 14 November 2010

Spam Alert!

Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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Blog's 'Third Giveaway' winner! Congratulations to "asuka". You have won yourself a custom made adorable flower sun hat! I have contacted you via email :)

Spam alert! ... I am holding my breath a bit at the moment. I'm not so certain if it's because of the weekend but a certain spammer under two names (Gucci Outlet and Coach Outlet) has ceased tormenting my blog archive full of irrelavent comments linking back to their commecial *shudders* web stores. I dont wish to be a turd about the fact my site is for handmade goods and handmade artisan features, but I was a bit perplexed at the fact they tried to exploit my page loads of times to promote their commercial stores whilst completely ignoring my warnings for them to stop it. That's just plain offensive. I think when you spend a lot of time doing things to help people and maintaining a blog on a daily basis, it's kind of rude for someone to come along and post blatently unrelated comments onto posts that are not only recent, but ones that are from the distant past as if posting them deep into my blog means I won't notice them??? HA! is all I have to say.

I left my comments open a while ago to make it easier for my genuine readers to post for things like my giveaway, and I did wonder when someone would try and take advantage of it. I thought "Hey, at least if I contact them and tell them to quit it, they'll get lost...". And I tried that... And you know, they completely ignored me and carried on like I didn't say anything??? That peed me off big time and prompted a bit of a rant message which I am HOPING is the reason they've left my blog alone. I think that their tactics were a bit thick headed though. I knew they weren't reading my posts because they had a variety of types of comment. Some were exerpts from various posts of mine (yeah! I know LOL), some were so off key from a post topic only bats could of appreciated them, and to top it off they didn't actually notice that I DELETED every one of their spam comments every single day, only to repost more crap on the same posts they may have posted on days before like they had "never read them before". It's been driving me nutty all week. But yes, twice I have had to contact them and only since yesterday they stopped. I do heavily moderate my comments and to all of you out their who read my blog I swear I have never once had to delete comments due to spam so to all of you thankyou for your relevant and kind words, whatever topic they may have come under :)

Well that was the only bad part of the week thanks goodness. The rest has been pretty productive. Looks like we have the house we want! So plans are underway to pack and dump things which I MUST crack on with today as much as my little arms can speed through my junk, as the local council are having a rare dump collection tomorrow morning which should save me and my partner a few thousand trips to the local tip yard... OK I'm exaggerating, but man after seeing all of my piled up boxes upstairs I'm beginning to sweat, so that's on the cards today I think. On top of a visit from my dad who's bringing up a few of my siblings for a visit! Eeek! So lots to do!

During the week I made a few new things for Babamoon like my super sweet crochet cable santa hat, and my sparkly Tam O' Shanter which has to be my absolute favourite. It looks totally awesome on my daughter. I'm going to work on other colors soon too as I have a bajillion ideas that have resulted from the design. I LOVE how they have turned out, and they are now both listed in my shop in various sizes for made to order purchases. I also managed to finally list and manage my Artfire store which I have been absolutely pants with for way too long. But now at least it is being as loved and nurtured as my Etsy shop. Hey I had even made my first sale on it :) Good going I think. I am planning to now open up a Zibbet shop exclusively for babamoon to hopefully give it a bit more stretch on the web as it's still a bit of a baby and I could do with a few more venues to spread the word without having to spend as much time as I have with my photography store inputting the shop link into loads of places. I will have to do that some time but for now I think another selling venue will be enough. Zibbet is pretty new and looks quite promising so I'm excited about what I can do with it. I'll probably have more on that next week.

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


{Clockwork Lemon} said...

Ugh how annoying! Sometimes posting comments on blogs is a bit of a process "enter account, wait for it to load, enter code thingy, you entered it wrong.. enter again etc"

and I always wondered if it was stopping any actual spam. Well, obviously it was!!

Raven said...

Span is very annoying. I never had any problem when I was with blogger. But once I moved over to wordpress. I was getting a bunch every day. Now that I put in a comment widget. Thank goodness I don't have anymore.

Thank you for the congrats and the follow. Im following back.

Babamoon said...

tell me about it. i swear i just deleted gucci outlets newest comment on this post today. looks like they're at it 5 days a week! lucky me lol!!! i wish there was a way to get them into trouble for it. im looking into banning their IP now

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