Tuesday, 26 October 2010

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I would like to give the opportunity for handmade sellers and other businesses that may sell Art/Craft related items and supplies, jewelry, childrens toys, clothing, accessories, household items, home decor, womens items etc a series of affordable options to show off products on my blog. All received entries will be exposed to a large following on both this blog, my RSS subscribers, Twitter via @moonangelnay and my Facebook Page.

I love to help new businesses which has been the primary function of this blog to date, to showcase new and innovative products from mothers, students, grandparents and enthusiastic entrepreneurs from all sort of backgrounds, and have dedicated a 7 day week stream of features to help bring traffic to these handmade artisans. I now want to extend this further out to established businesses that will want to reach a steady audience of niche traffic for their products via the use of Sponsored Advertising, PR Reviews and Sponsored Giveaways.

Please have a read of my Disclosure Policy.

My usual format for helping new businesses for free will remain the same which will include exclusive features on Mondays and Fridays. I will also continue to offer the reciprocal gratitude shopping guide on Wednesdays, and Etsy Team Features on Tuesdays that are a response to features of my own businesses.

Moonangelnay Handmade Blog Statistics
(Updated November 26 2010)

Between the 25th of October to the 25th of November this blog has received:
4664 Visits
2115 Absolutely Unique Visitors
5827 Pageviews

All of these figures have been steadily improving each month between 10% and 15% at a time so the blog is ever growing.

I also have a growing number of followers:

945 Followers Via Google Friend Connect (GFC)
835 RSS Subscribed Readers
353 Facebook Fans
3980 Twitter Followers

My audience demographics are as follows. My readers are mostly:

Aged Between 18-65+ but mostly over 45
Are a mixture of people with and without children
Browse from home
Have Some College Education to Graduate Education
Mostly from the USA and United Kingdom

My Alexa Traffic Rank is 123,944 and in the US I am ranked 77,551

Sponsored Giveaway, Advertising Rates and PR Reviews

For advertising rates or if you want to forward your product for a review or giveaway on my blog then please send me an email at moonangelnay [!at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk to make arrangements. (Details will be available in this post shortly).

Sponsored Giveaways will have their own dedicated post on Saturdays with a limit of 3 reviews per Saturday that will all appear on the blog homepage exclusively on the day of feature. I ALWAYS write detailed, constructive posts when it comes to reviews so you will be guaranteed to receive a positive post for your product. I ask that you please allow up to 4 weeks for your entry to appear unless there is a waiting list then you may have towait a bit longer. In exchange for this exclusive feature I will retain the products sent to me. For rush entries I charge a flat rate of $20 for these dedicated posts to appear in the nearest available slots, of which I would invoice you the amount through Paypal via email. Your products with be used and tested by myself and my family consisting of my other half and my two children (6m and 3). Please make sure your items are family friendly

Advertisements will run by the week, month or year above the fold of the page and will run on rotation. Image size must be 125x125.

Submit Your Giveaway

If you have an interest in listing a giveaway on my blog then please read my rates below and fill in the form. If you DON'T want the upgrade then please don't submit images, descriptions or rules. I aim to post entries within 72 hours but I can rush submit entries for $1 to appear within 24 hours guaranteed.

Basic Rate (Free) : A small text ad and link for your giveaway that will be posted on the right hand side of the blog beneath the upgraded basic rate giveaways in a scrolling marquee. This will consist of a title, duration, price and the title will use a hyperlink.


Win a customized baby mouse headband
Value $14 Ends 11/27

Basic Rate (Upgrade $2 per entry) : A small text ad and link for your giveaway that will be posted on the right hand side of the blog directly beneath my blog sponsors in a scrolling marquee. This will consist of an image (max height 125px), title in bold, description (150 characters), rules of entry (150 characters), duration, price and the title will use a hyperlink.


Win a customized baby mouse headband
Handmade crochet baby headband in gray and
pink, customized to your stated size.

Leave comments after completing each of the relevant
tasks mentioned in the giveaway post
(eg: blog, tweet, FB posts, follow the blog host etc).
Value $14 Ends 11/27

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