Sunday, 19 September 2010

Crazy Fingers

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Crazy Fingers I am just in LOVE with my new store! I didnt realise just how much i enjoy knitting and crocheting until i took it beyond what i make for my kids, and believe me this is my hobby and I do it all the time anyway! But wow! And I think my enthusiasm is rubbing off on my new ideas. I have been out to my local craft shop many times buying new yarns and buttons in the past week so as to increase my color palette for the animal hats, and found myself being inspired with each and every new yarn I've come into contact with.

With this inspiration have been born some SUPER cute new accessories for babys like my newest Kiki Headband which is based on the huge ensemble worn by the little witch in Kiki's Delivery Service from Studio Ghibli. And whilst making it I had a kajillion (word?) ideas for other anime inspired headwear. I made an awesome hat resembling Panny Panda from Panda Kopanda (another Ghibli) which is due to go up soon that an Etsy buyer gave me the idea for when asking for my bear hat in black and white. My son's first love was a Panda and he loves the anime by Hayao Miyazaki so I thought it'd be lovely to make a little hat in Panny's likeness... with my own take on him of course! My blog readers are the first to see Panny so I hope you like him ^_^ Keep an eye out in Babamoon for listings in various sizes for him! I should have a photo of a toddler sized one that my son wants to model. He's been super jealous since I made Panny for my daughter to model lol!

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


ourhometoyours said...

oh, I love yarn too. There's just somthing about running the soft yarn through your fingers that automatically relaxes you. And the choices are endless!!!

Unknown said...

Vety cute!! Kx

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