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OUCH Oh my goodness did I have a fright this morning. I woke up to an almighty crash and a loud wail from my son, to find him curled up on the floor with a hand over his eye. Turns out he tripped when running out of his room, and in a freak accident went flying into the old style open stair gate... the ones that have those long screw type stops on the end. My heart stopped dead when I saw him covering his eye. I had honestly prepared myself for the worst when I try to pry his hand away so I could see but my gosh he is one of the luckiest little boys in the world!!! The thing had JUST missed his eye by literally 1mm and bruised his eye socket, leaving a little scratch also. the bruise itself is about a finger width across and crosses his eye socket from under his eyebrow to his cheekbone at a diagonal. Merely missing his eye like I say. I am so glad it wasn't any worse, he certainly had an angel watch over him in that moment.

Well, it's been a few hours since the accident and my other half is making it a task today to take the gate down, and I'm in the frame of mind to have it destroyed. It's very old and seems a lot more unsafe to me compared to the more modern gates. It's a shame it's life if keeping kids safe from dangerous falls, ended in causing a dangerous accident as it was kindly donated to us by some very lovely family friends who wanted to do the best for our little boy. I think it's had it's day unfortunately. I wouldnt want to have a similar thing happen to my baby girl or any other child for that matter, so incinerating it is the way forward methinks!

Anyway on a higher note this week has been productive. I've been busy working on my new store, building backlinks, finding advertising and taking up a slot on for the next week. I used it with my Photography store but it didn't lead to any sales back then. I do hope that it gives my new store a fair amount of recognition as I do recall receiving a nice amount of traffic back then. I've also listed a few new items of which you can see in this post. the images are clickable and will take you to the larger images and listings in Babamoon on Etsy. Currently I'm making a pumpkin hat for halloween that I'm excited about as it's a bit unconventional due to the types of colors but it'll look lovely and feel wonderful against a baby's skin too. I'm writing the pattern for it as I go along which I have done for all of the items in the store. If I am able to, someday I make offer the patterns up for sale in the shop. I just need to get myself a Pdf file converter again (as I lost it on my very dead PC) and I'll work on it later in the year.

Recent Photography Posted to Halloween is coming...

That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


Krishenkas Treasures said...

so glad that little one is alright that must have scared you big time

Unknown said...

I am glad he is OK, mind you I think kids will always find things to bump, fall or walk into!
I just love your flower hairband, so cute. Kx

Emily Claire said...

Thank goodness your little one is okay! I love the photos you posted, especially the close up of the spider web!

Bright Circle said...

I'm glad your little ones are ok! The story reminds me of my early childhood. My favourite toy was a riding pony, mounted on a frame with sturdy springs. I would bounce up and down on it, singing little songs and such for hours. As all things do when subjected to years of heavy use, eventually a spring broke, and down I fell, hitting my eye in the process. But I think I was more concerned with whether or not we could fix 'the pony'--the experience (and my black eye) did not deter me in the least from riding it.

Babamoon said...

oh yes me too... so relieved. today his eye is still fine. just a big graze mark where i initially thought it was only bruised but there's no swelling. he's one lucky little monkey. I do think there's something about boys that seems to magnetize bumps and bruises lol!

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