Saturday, 17 July 2010

Photo Crazy

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Photo Crazy! Anyone that knows me, knows of my Photography Etsy store, and understands a bit about how much I do in any one day would understand how and why I may end up slightly over obesessed when it comes to hobbys in my free time. And I mean in the context of over doing them lol! I don't get much free time, yet when I do I'm one of those people that likes to spend it doing something productive. So for me that would be working on editing photos, taking half a million photos, or knitting... maybe crocheting. Depends on whether it's a hook or needle mood I'm in! This week however I somehow managed to spend 4 days filtering through 2000 images of my family, as since the day my PC died it became one of those 'I'll get to it later' tasks... and you should never think that way should you? It always builds up lol! So yes, my punishment for procrastination was the amount I had to go through to upload into my online family album... I'm certain our relatives were positively thrilled to get an update since my last one in June (yup you heard me right, the 2000 started in mid June!), but by heck do I go mad when it comes to photographing my kids... but they are so cute and funny I can hardly help it, the camera is virtually glued to my neck half the time lol! It's always conveniently there :) But yeah 2000 is excessive... Since the birth of my daughter I have gone a bit nuts with it, and to be fair I have LOADS of new images for Etsy to work on too. And that's a whole other number lol.

I have been trying to juggle planning my craft show and planning my new Etsy store for a few days and apart from purchasing 2 bags of yarn regardless of the fact my wardrobe cascades with the stuff whenever I open it (hey... i like knitting!), I have finally had an opportunity to edit those photos I took a while back of my daughter and some of my New store's inventory. I thought I'd give you all a sneak peek of an inventory photo up above! My readers are the first to see what's to come hopefully in the next week or two :) I still have more to do and having a great time with my kids working on it as it's turning out to be a lovely fun bonding thing for us to do in a day, and my son especially is at a great age for striking a pose lol! If only he'd keep still it would save me a few hundred shots at a time lol! The image that i've included of him here isn't an inventory photo... that's just a picture from the Jazz festival 2 weeks ago... wow time flies!

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


storybeader said...

darling pics! Yes, procrastination is a sin!

Unknown said...

Love the pic of your with the drawn eyepatch. Keep having fun!

ViKotas on

Yet said...

My oh My! I love those children pictures!!

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