Friday, 30 April 2010


Friday Finds... TrendieTreasures

This is my 26th interview of the amazing not-so-well-known artists of Etsy!

Good morning! I'm glad to introduce to you today someone who makes the most beautiful and trendy of clothing for young girls, as well as accessories and fabulous window drapes.
Reema of TrendieTreasures on Etsy is a very busy working mom that manages to work her magic all at the end of her scheduled day, and does it so beautifully it left me really happy to have learnt how much she must put into her business on top of doing her mom duties and her day job too! Totally admirable! I found her store whilst browsing last weekend, not realising initially that it was a very new store as the quality of her product photos is like that of stores you can imagine already doing really well! Stunning photography! And I can definitely see her being someone that will eventually make it like some of the well established Etsy stores as she seems to have all the right ingredients in her application that will make her business a success!

(Just click the images to go direct to the listings)

-- Tell me a bit about you! (Name, Age, Location, and give us a random fact whilst you're at it.) I’m a girl in mid 30’s who loves to design and create handcrafted children’s clothing inspired by kids themselves, cheerful nature and all beautiful things that surround me. I once wanted to be a Pilot, yes, I can fly solo. People call me Reema.

-- What is your business about then? My Etsy store offers handcrafted children’s clothing and drapes/curtains designed with simplicity and creativity.

-- How did Etsy come into your life? I’m a computer friendly person and love to browse web, when I saw what Etsy has to offer, I was inspired to unleash my creativity.

-- Are you working a day job too? Yes, hoping that one day I’ll be able to focus solely on what I love to do and not work 9-5 job.

-- How long has the artist in you been 'unleashed' for? I grew up with fabrics all around me in my mom’s boutique. Now, I’m mother of two kids, loved to design for my 5 yr old daughter. This was about six months ago when I started to share my love of creating on Etsy.

-- What has been the inspiration behind your business? My kids, I like designs to capture different moments of life, often inspired by kids themselves and their lively nature, leaving a bit of space for the quality fabric to be admired.

-- If you could describe your products in three words, what would you tell me? Handcrafted, comfortable and sassy!!

-- What would an average working day for you be like from dawn til dusk? I wake up early in the morning, get the kids ready for school, drive them to school on my way to work. Come back home early, design and create something for my Etsy shop. My husband picks up the kids.. At night, I’ll catch up with my emails, shop promotion and facebook fans, twitter etc.

-- What's your favorite material and techniques to work with? I love to play with different kinds of fabrics, my favorite fabric is linen, I love the look and texture of linen. Also, flax (the plant which becomes linen) requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers than many other crops.

-- What is your ideal vision for the future for you and your work? Ideally, I would like to focus on Etsy shop and be able to quit my day job!!

-- Away from work, what do you like to do for fun or to wind down? Go out with friends and family, we enjoy day trips of hiking, picnics and beach fun during summer. Love to play tennis, go swimming and spent time with my kids.

-- What are you likely to search for on Etsy? Anything and everything

-- Any last words? This is what I always wanted to do.. have my own line of handcrafted clothing, accessories and all beautiful things I can imagine…Thanks to Etsy, I’ve been able to make it happen.


Unknown said...

Trendie Treasures is a beautiful shop with lovely items. Nice Post!

able mabel said...

I've seen Trendie Treasures' shop before and have always admired her use of fabrics. She does such lovely work!

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