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HandmadeSpark NEW TUTORIAL POST... I am a bit late this week with various things, the culprit being my Wednesday hospital visit. It kind of turned everything upside down regarding the roll I was on! So to complete my guest post for Handmade spark early this afternoon was a welcomed relief! I normally set out to finish them at least by the early hours of a Saturday morning (bad bad Nay!) so yes... very chuffed about that, as I was starting to worry that my other task for today would suffer.
I'm very pleased with this one, and looking forward to instructing you all further with your store photography. This one focuses on HOW you choose to take your photos. Yes I am targetting your camera's this week! I would have done the lightbox as promised but I think this is something that is important!

My article on Handmade Spark is officially online now! check it out!

Finding your spark : Product Photography - Getting The Best Out Of Your Photography

You can still catch my previous post here:

Finding Your Spark - Product Photography - Lighting

RAMBLE ... It has been quite lovely actually finding my place in the blogosphere where I can focus on things I know about a little more, rather than soley focusing on promoting other artists directly.
I am all for helping people who are able to help themselves... all the way! And to be able to provide a bit of information based on experience means at least some people may benefit from some of the things I can offer, allowing them to make positive changes in what they do. So now that I'm settled with Handmade Spark I do really feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds, both helping the new artists with a little visibility boost, and helping anyone and everyone with a few little articles here and there.

It has also been wonderful talking about photography the past couple of weeks. And I am learning more about the drive and passion I actually have for it. It's quite pleasing to think that I am kindred with my camera LOL! That was serious actually! It has only been a few years since I felt I had lost my way in my original and soul artistic purpose with Fine Art. I loved drawing and painting and even had an attempt at this handmade world in my teens by selling pet portrait commissions as my strength was sketching and I had always enjoyed drawing animals. It was a business that never really manifested however, but this was way before I had any idea about what a business would entail.

I was considered pretty good at it too, topping my qualifications in Art both at school and college. But, alas I let myself down and chose a very dim and depressing path that lead to the loss of that passion, and it's been hard to fully experience that passion since. I think my first mistake was probably going to the college I went to, over the college I really wanted to go to for the fact I would have been able to practice Art, photography AND philosophy... but I was a youth and I followed my friends to study Art, Film, Theatre and Psychology! Managed to still work on Art but my interest waned, as did my outlook on life... I am glad it all happened though as I wouldn't be where I am now without all of those events, all of those self inflicted deep abyss moments and like I said before my new passion was born out of it all based on that deep seated desire that I missed out on all those years ago I guess. I have enjoyed pushing through photography this way as like with my art it has been a bit of a journey of self discovery. And I could have easily killed the desire by binding rules and boundaries of a college course those years ago... You never know with these things do you? So it's awlays good to be grateful for what you HAVE got out of life and make the most of what you can do from here. I am this far with it all now! And gosh I AM at that stage of being able to talk about what I know regarding it all... it's a weird feeling but a good one!

Recent Photography Posted to

NEW STUFF ... I have worked hard this week on planning to apply for my first craft show, which has meant an introduction to something new in my store. Those things would be glass tile pendants for my photography! I figured that they would maybe appeal to more people, being as my photablets do make a bold statement for their design.
I, like always let my mind wonder and got thinking about the possibility of giving more variety for my photo jewelry as I already do with my prints alone. So if you are checking out the images below, please check out my glass pendants too in my photo jewelry section. Also I have updated my Shop Policies, trying to make my returns more user friendly and to offer a bit more information regarding shipping! Lastly I have also changed one of my shop sections to dedicate it soley to Sales/Deals/Offers and Gifts that I thought might make navigation for any of these keywords more obvious for customers to take advantage of. What do you think? there are a MASS of new prints below that you can check out... I'm in a Spring mood at the moment so I think that's reflected nicely in my newest work.

That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


Sarah Knight said...

looks like you have been very busy!
good luck with the craft show!

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