Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Wednesday - Gratitude


No.6!!! I focus primarily twice a week on the NEW people to Etsy, when it comes to getting word out about emerging talents and businesses in the handmade community. Lately however I have begun to receive hoards of friendly gestures coming not just from the new sellers on Etsy but also the established ones too. I love giving the new sellers opportunities to find a place to get their name out there as in the ever growing Etsy world we all know that's getting harder, but people who have been around for a long time are picking up my work and doing really nice things to give me a shout out too. So for them (newbies too) Wednesdays are days where I want to share my gratitude and to also give them a shout out too, so their kind gestures are returned in the same way :)

TREASURIES Another single treasury this week! I'm quite amazed I've found myself in them weekly for the past month or so! I grabbed a shot of it because I thought it was stunning although as it will end shortly I haven't linked it up...However! I will let you know who it was made by. It was infact Etsy seller FiloFashion that has an INCREDIBLE knit/crochetwear store. On the left you'll find my favorite shawl which is clickable and will take you directly to the listing itself :) Thanks ever so much for including my Lust print in your treasury! :D

FEATURES I think it's best for me to start this one with an apology as I should have included her in last weeks Wednesday post but somehow didn't take a note of the feature she included me in! Even thought I posted a thankyou in the forums, messaged her and even tweeted about it... shows what my head is like at the mo! Tammy of Florelle on Etsy popped one of my prints into a fab blog feature last week that was first for having one of my photablet pendants acknowleged and even co-ordinated with other great things to make up an outfit! Tammy's store is something beautiful just like her blog, full of gorgeous stationary items, well worth checking out like the Pink Fan Leaf Stickers I have linked to on the left, and she's relatively new to Etsy so DEFINTELY go to her store and show some love!
Liwelula on Etsy was kind enough to include a few of my listings in her blog after I mentioned one of her pieces in last weeks Yellow themed Monday Magic. And for a second time in two weeks I want to show off another favorite from her store which I am in love with! I've linked the blue drop necklace on the left directly to the listing so please go and visit Liwelula's store and have a good browse!

CustomDesigns4UByNan on Etsy was very sweet to let me know that she favourited one of my mandala prints, of which is part of her Etsy favourites mini, included in the sidebar of her blog. I thought it was a lovely thing to come and inform me about, it's always nice when you get those messages of people telling you they like a particular work of yours for whatever reasons. So yeah, I was left very chuffed! Nancy's store is full of various textile items and fabrics which are worth checking over! I particularly like her quilts and tablecloths, of which I have on the left a lovely brown and yellow tablecloth displayed which you can find on page 2 of her store :) The picture is clickable remember so if you like you can go directly to the listing!
And finally I need to say thanks to Edan from last weeks Friday Finds interview for spreading the word about not only his interview, but the blog too on his facebook fanpage which was sweet so big thanks for that one! And on the left you can re-visit one of his fab pieces of pottery, my favourite I think from the store (I struggled to pick though I like quite a few pieces!), or you can just go straight to his store from the hyperlink up above :)

So That's it I think for this week. I hope I havent left anyone out... if I have I'll pop you into next weeks feature :)


Got It From My Mama said...

Such and interesting post so much to follow up on thanks.

cabin + cub said...

always so fun to discover new etsy shops i haven't seen before! so fun!

Knotted Nest said...

Great reminder of the wonderfully supportive community on etsy!

Unknown said...

I love newer sellers! Thanks for sharing!
I found you through the Etsy blog thread...
-Chelsea, islapink


lisaroy said...

I love finding sellers on Etsy and have also received some really great comments and mentions on blogs recently. It really makes my day!

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