Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Wednesday - Gratitude


I am beginning to get lots of sweet gestures from people on Etsy which always puts a smile on my face, and because the volume each week is accumulating I thought it'd be nice to offer a proper thankyou to the sellers as a weekly feature, for their kind gestures towards me and my work. This way I can give them a proper shout out, and introduce you to more great artists that deserve to have the word spread around about what they do :) This isn't limited to new sellers either, as a person's kindness isn't limited! So here are this weeks dedications.

TREASURIES Unfortunately, one of the treasuries has expired :( but MagMoment on Etsy was kind enough to feature a bunch of us POE members in a beautiful sunshine treasury full of wonderful yellow photography. It was gorgeous and im so sad that I can't post it on here but I wanted to offer the link to MagMoments store and to say thanks of course! Another treasury that I think will expire on thursday features lots of strong reds, perfect for the season of lurrrrve ;) It's fab actually... check it out! Loverly - Treasury and this one comes from Etsy seller akaCinders that makes lovely flowers ^_^ She included my print Lust which was nice as I'd only listed it the night before! Last but not least I want to thank mnhince on Etsy for including my other recent print in their treasury. Look out for my Cold Heart print and all the other fab Etsy artists in Beauty and the Beast - Treasury a lovely collection of items here representing this lovely fairytale. Worth looking at! So that is it I'm afraid, I have other people I need to thank for things to come but I'll wait until I can show you their efforts nearer the time! Have a fab Wednesday everyone and thanks again guys for the features this week!

moonangelnay x


Mary Richmond said...

what a great idea! and a lovely blog ;-)

cabin + cub said...

Congrats to you! So many treasuries.. that is so exciting! Hope one of them makes front page! ;)

Tak said...

Wonderful blog featuring awesome artists and treasuries! Congrats on your features!!

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