Sunday, 28 February 2010

SUNDAY... Coffee and Cake

Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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MY TREASURY You saw it here! Not first... but it's here :) Those who have seen the most recent Monday Magic 12 will recognise the return of these faces, for this weeks official Etsy treasury! Go on and give them some love if you havent already! Your 12 clicks and comments will help HUGELY with their exposure as you know, and I know they will appreciate the support for their start on Etsy! So please visit N e w b i e . M a g i c . 6

cr8tivity Came across a new site today, similar to the "heartomatic" and "craftopolis" in that it is a fab source of handy tools for Etsy users. I recommend giving it a visit because there are some usueful things like charts that separate your traffic by shop catagory which is AMAZINGLY useful if you want to know where your customers prefer to visit in your shop. It has an Etsy Mini type widget for your blogs/sites which I decided today I actually prefer because at it's smallest you can still got through the entire inventory of your store because it SCROLLS! Also giving a snippet of info about each item, plus the price! AND a buy now button! All in the same widget :D frikkin awesome or what??? So I'm sorry Etsy but I replaced your Mini with a cr8tivity widget today :) Did I mention it has tools for product fliers??? Ohh you're best checking it out yourselves because there are some fab things on there, and they are better being seen and not rambled about by me :)

Prodding and Probing Yup... literally spent 2 Wednesdays in a row now at the hospital having what i wish were the last of my baby related appointments! Infact, last week would have been my last, but the doctors insist that because my son was born small (just under 7lbs??? only just...) that I am "high risk" and need to be monitored to make sure our little girl is growing at a consistent rate and the right size to fit in with the charts. It'd amuse me more if it were bloomin music related, that's for certain! But OH MY GOSH I have had it with HOURS of my days being robbed by people who fail to see that I'm not the tallest of ladies in the world, neither is my other half, and that maybe they're being a bit reactionary? Unfortunately the NHS in the UK likes to cause unnecessary stress for people, either by running you around in circles worrying you or by keeping you in their quarters for entire days for appointments that normally take 10-30 mins. I think they just like to make people twiddle their thumbs and shout at them. I feel sorry for the workers as they follow a shite system, implemented by our shite powers that be and get all the stick for it. *Sigh* But it wasn't all a loss as I brought my knitting and thoroughly enjoyed all the weird looks I got LOL!
This isn't the first time the NHS have really annoyed me, let me down or both. My midwife tells me that I need to question what they're doing because she thinks it's pointless as I'm a dot (cute way of saying im a shrimp lol!) and that they need to be certain that they take my other half into account as she thinks it's all a waste of time based on her own experience with small mothers. THEY tell me however that my chart is based on my ethnic origin, height, and my weight. Doesn't involve the other half at all but hey it's more accurate than standard because it's "personal" they say. Forgetting that my ethnic origin doesn't really have much to do with my height at all, my height is my height, and my weight??? I think it's a bit silly that they don't ask about your partners details, because it's almost like they're assuming I've immaculately conceived or something. Anyway! One more trip to go in a coupla months. Then I can worry about labor in the normal worryingsome, teeth grindingly painful way when it's happening :D

Lol! Weird mix today!

Happy Sunday!

moonangelnay x


Nichole said...

I just discovered cre8tivity too! I love that widget.

Kirsten said...

Take care of yourself dear girl! I can't wait to see gorgeous pics of your new baby when she is born. My best friend is only 4' 11'' and her husband is 5' 11''.....good things come in small packages!!!

SarahBeth said...

Thanks for the info on cre8tivity! I really like the flyers (gotta figure out how I might use those - haven't done a craft show in years) and I'm interested to see what they come up with for the invoice maker.

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Hi there! And thank you for my review you wrote, I agree about how the jewelry doesn't stand out! I was just there and thinking what mish mosh my shop is(before reading your review)! Clicked on the link you had there and came to your blog! Sounds like you are having a frustrating time...the knitting sounds calming though! Wish I knew how!

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