Sunday, 30 August 2009

SUNDAY... Coffee and Cake

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Sunday - Coffee and Cake

Hello again :)

My son is currently asleep, and the other half is a busy bee dealing with some things that have cropped up this week, which has left me this short space of time to get on with todays article.

I have spend 5 weeks so far discussing the various things I have found to be helpful throughout my networking journey, to bring awareness of my work and other things like this blog for example. I think that I have pretty much covered everything i have tried and tested, and have found that some of these things have worked for my readers too, after getting some lovely responses to my posts ^_^ So for that I'm glad, that's what makes sharing this info so worthwhile! Unfortunately I have come to an end (new topic starting next week), with today being the last of the Networking articles but you can always catch up with the past Networking posts by clicking here, or searching for the tag "Coffee and Cake" within my blog.

Today, I will focus on something that initially won't help you spread you name around online, but in the long run will do just that. That is "Tagging" appropriately, whatever it is you are trying to bring to peoples awareness, be it an item in your Etsy store or a blog post, Tweet, or even MetaTags for a website.

Networking Part 6 : Tagging, for good SEO (search engine optimisation) is essential if you want to get yourselves listed into the search engines, to put yourself close to the top of the pile and to make easy navigation in things that may have it's own internal search engine. I think nowdays that the search engines automatically search around for pages to link to with the use of spider bots, which is why it's important to be prepared by tagging appropriately, as lack of tagging or bad tagging isn't going to do much for you in the competative world of website listing. You still get the option to manually list sites anyway, but even still, if these spiders think you site is spammy (based on how you incorporate SEO), or if it thinks the content is lacking, you'll find yourself in the back of the queue (or worse, blacklisted) when your ultimate goal should be to aim as high as you can! Tagging is pretty easy and like I say, can even help people navigate your pages/sites/items much easier than to have them go through pages and pages to find what it is they're looking for.

With Meta tagging for example (on a website) you'll find there are 2 places in the HTML coding that is worth putting a few words about your site. Those are literally the Meta Tags, and Meta Descriptions. You don't want to write paragraphs as the spider bots only pick up a small amount of text from what is left there. I'm uncertain of the exact number but think Twitter and call it 140 characters for each... it may be more, it could be less... but it's not a lot when you could go on for days about what it is you're trying to describe! So you need to be clever about it. Use words that aren't too unsual and infact try and think of what you reckon people will will look for that is relatable to your content, but also try and make a name for yourself. Summerise your business or site, and throw in as many keywords as you can in the description. The more "keywords" you can use, the better really.

Some people, when writing on the body section of their homepage like to include a more detailed welcoming description that I believe can also be used to optimise your pages for searching. This applies to everything I guess, like with Etsy you get a measly 14 tags per item, yet if you can use a bit of flair with your descriptions, or better yet try and put yourselves in the shoes of a search-ready customer, predicting what kinds of words someone would use to lead them to your product, something like that could change the way you would initially have written your tags to begin with. Tagging is more than just describing and catagorising your item, it should be about identifying with what your customers want.

On Etsy, Artfire, Misi, etc... the shop home should be reasonably descriptive, but not necessarily over done (not just for SEO but I found a lot of people get put off by reams and reams of writing before they see your items. Only recently!). That will help your shop gain more web presence for sure. and anything else really that gives you opportunities to tag and write descriptions, use them! you dont have to be a poet, but an intelligent use of descriptive words will always help. There are so many places to take advantage of for this. Blogger is one of them! Myspace! Indiepublic and We Love Etsy on! I've even caught Tweets in the search engine, and particularly picked up via third party twitter sites! At the end of it, the way people find things online is if they search for it, unless they already know where they are going! If they don't then they will describe what they want and click search, and you want to be nearest the top of the end of that search as you can be! Remember you don't have to write novels. Just give good descriptions and tags!

That's all. Until next week, Coffee and Cake will be introducing a new topic of discussion! Look forward to it. :)

moonangelnay x


rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Nice informative post.

Little Lovables said...

excellent post, very well explained! also, text wrapping in photo description html can help too!

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