Thursday, 27 August 2009

Duty Calls...

Duty Calls...

My son so lovingly has been a night owl for the past few days, keeping me up and making me a right ol' sleepy head. But he's so adorable LOL! Yesterday I had a pretty hectic day, but if it wasn't for my little boy I think I would have burnt out. A trip to the doctors, the library and my mums house, amongst keeping him entertained and working where I could really is taking it's toll on me today, but I had so much fun with him, I honestly don't mind! You hear about stuff in the news all the time about how some parents are terribly cruel to their children, and you wonder just how and why some can have no compassion and be so downright lazy and irresposible. It's not like signing your life away to have kids. To me it's only the beginning! Having children as difficult as it can be sometimes to keep your head in check, and going through the ups and downs of their moods!, it's the most fulfilling and joyful experience a person could ever have in their lifetime! I guess some people have been totally manipulated by the stealth control mechanisms in alsorts of places setting the "exemplary" standard and think they are missing out if they don't poison their bodys, have a party-like social life or god forbid switch off their TV's and computer games to spend quality time with those are supposed to mean the most to them. I feel quite fortunate actually to have the mindset that I do about my life and my son. I only wish the media had something worth sharing on a daily basis to influence people in more positive ways! I mean come on it IS the media that blatently gives people ideas of what to think about events in the world. And everyone just takes it on board. We all have choices to make, as we were born with free will and our potential is being shadowed by this MASS of influence that unfortunately in most cases takes it's toll on the most influential of people... and then you get miserable stories like the one's I'm moaning about. Not just about children but anything! It's quite depressing actually. I think there's a time and a place for things like that... I think mums that are devoted to their kids for a change should be applauded and not penalised. It's something I find an incredible read, to see that the news in the UK ACTUALLY critisises mums that do their job and do it well. Disgusting. I think mums with careers do a great job too, but in this country the media try and make out like mums who stay at home are no more than scrounging scum, when I have NEVER known anyone in my position to sit begging in my life! I guess it's the undevoted parents that give the bad name, but this is all part of the stereotype the media glorifies for all of the world's population to sit, read and believe. I'd like some good news about happy families for a change! Well I'm off to have some fun with my lil man now!

moonangelnay x


NinasCD said...

I think you son is absolutely adorable! What a great picture. Spending quality time with your child is so important.

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