Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A Few Accessories

Big Mandala Crochet, Mixed Minerals Incl. Golden Fluorite Necklace $55

March has to be at least half the earth's populations birthday month as pretty much the majority of my loved ones were born around this time 'x' amount of years ago, which has left me as per usual juggling both my work, baby and social time to the extreme! (I say social loosely as it pretty much only has been used on my mums birthday, but the preparation... oh the preparation!!!). So yet again miss slow has taken ages to update both here and etsy! However I have been making things! I am glad about that, yet I'm not sure if I'm alone on this one as for some reason creating around my mum duties seems to be a LOT easier than being on the computer (yet it takes more time????????). Oh well that's my crazy few weeks.
In terms of recent goodies, the one mentioned in the title is a piece that I spent a while on embellishing! but it's inspired by the chakra system, and pretty big to make itself known! Check it out by clicking on the linked title :)

For Baby up to Toddler - Rare Funky, Retro, Shiny Red Patent Leather Belt - Limited Supply $40

This is a lovely shiney belt that I made especially for young children as it's one thing I always struggled to find with my son growing from birth that didn't use d-rings. It looks fab with a pair of jeans and well suited to lil girls as well as boys. check out the link to see more pictures and further details. There are other belts like this using different leathers also :)

There are other updates in store! I'll leave it at that for now :)

nay x


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