Thursday, 16 October 2008

Oh No!

Yes, needless to say I am another one of probably millions today that has decided to become part of the blogging community... Woman what are you doing???? she says... I say that a lot actually...

So now that I've dabbled a bit here and there, making a beautiful display of this "personal" page of mine, I have discoved that I have neither ideas, nor the most remote wit to entertain the mass internetees that are now likely to slate these poor attempts on a first blog! Oh well i have my integrity to show for it! LOL! But yeah, what the heck do you write on this kind of thing? All I am thinking now is my son is napping, and I should probably do something else (i say else, it really should just be SOMETHING) constructive before i melt before the screen and give the other half more to worry about! I remember feeling like I knew what I was doing starting this, and to be honest there is a vague memory of a plan! You MAY see some of my knitted creations on here sometime, or you MAY see some of my artwork... Even a picture or two of the crazy life I lead with the two rather jolly chaps that I love dearly, and the pets too.
In the meantime I think I'll mull over my sudden confusion and make sure that the next blog may offer something more than just my befuddled jibberish! I can't help but think that once I had a brain (hah!) that functioned slightly better than it does now... motherhood for ya, but all worth it in the end! Until next time folks!


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